The Cultural Association “The Village Of Music”,

which will take place in Rome at the Auditorium Parco della Musica from 3rd to 5th September 2021.


The Competition may include falsettists, sopranos, tenors, mezzosoprani, contralto, baritones and basses adults of any age of any nationality born from 1st January 1988.The winners of the first three prizes of the last three editions cannot participate in the competition. The opera arias chosen by the competitors in the registration form must be a total of six, performed in original tones and language, AT LEAST TWO ITALIAN LANGUAGE ARIES.

The “Competition” will be divided into three phases: ELIMINATORY, SEMIFINAL and FINAL


Competitors can choose to participate in the preliminary round through:

– the sending of 2 recent high quality videos of opera arias from those listed in the registration form, performed in the last year (2019-2020), one of which in Italian, with exclusive accompaniment on the piano or orchestra ( no base registered). If the videos are already public on the net, indicate the corresponding links or use alternative channels for sending them as an example (“We Transfer”), or

– in presence on the dates and places indicated for the selection directly live:

15th July 2021 Madrid (Spain) Real Theater (max 30 candidates);

16th, 17th and 18th July 2021 Milan (Italy) Teatro alla Scala (max 80 candidates);

24th July 2021 Bari (Italy) Petruzzelli Theater (max 30 candidates);

27th, 28th e 29th July Rome (Italy) Auditorium Parco della Musica (max 100 candidates)

2nd August 2021 Warsaw (Poland) Wielki Theater Theater – Polish National Opera (max 40 candidates)

In this case the competitors will present a piece of their choice. The Commission reserves the right to listen to a second song from those listed on the sheet.

Upon reaching the maximum number of entries for the three locations, only questions for the elimination phase with videos can be sent.

The evaluation of the videos will be entrusted to a commission of three experts: Raffaella Murdolo, Artist Manager of the Royal Opera House in Muscat Oman; Anna Vandi, teacher of singing at the Rossini Conservatory in Pesaro and Wally Santarcangelo artistic director of the Ottavio Ziino International Opera Competition

  • SEMI-FINAL – 3rd e 4th September 2021 Auditorium Parco della Musica – Theater Rome – ITALY

Competitors who in the Preselection or Eliminatory round will have obtained a judgment of suitability, will be admitted to the Semifinal Round and will have to submit two pieces chosen by the Commission. The same, in its opinion, may require the execution of only one song. The suitability judgments in the Eliminatory and Semifinal Rounds will be decided by a majority of the Commission.

  • FINAL – 5th September 2021 Auditorium Parco della Musica Theater Rome- ITALY

In the Final Round, competitors will perform one or two pieces chosen by the Commission from those listed in the registration form. The judgment will be expressed by each juror through the compilation of a personal ranking. At the end the final ranking will be drawn up by adding the ranking positions of all the finalists’ cards and the prizes will be awarded in the final ranking order.

In case of a tie, the prizes will be equally divided.

ART. 2

The application form must be completed online on the website www.concorsoottavioziino.com or www.ilvillaggiodellamusica.it and sent by 4th July 2021.

The application will NOT be taken into consideration if, on the registration deadline date, the competitor has not sent the registration form online with proof of payment of the registration fee, or sent by email to concorsolirico@ilvillaggiodellamusica.it

The competitor must verify the regularity of his registration.

Candidates who need to obtain a visa for their stay in Italy must contact the Competition Secretariat in order to obtain, as soon as possible, the invitation letter for completing the paperwork at home.

The competitor who will present himself to the Eliminatory Round without having completed the application, as indicated above, will not be admitted to the competition.

In case of non-participation in the competition, the secretariat is not required, in any case, to reimburse the registration fee (s), except in cases of cancellation of the Competition or due to the impossibility of reaching the Italian territory, due to provisions on the COVID pandemic 19.

ART. 3

Competitors must attach the following documentation to the application form:

  • Photocopy of an identity document certifying the date of birth and residence, tax code (if possessed);
  • Professional CV (max 1 page); n. 1 passport photo; n. 1 Recent photo in high resolution;
  • Registration fee headed to the “Il Villaggio della Musica” Association with specific indication in the reason for the name of the candidate, divided as follows:

Euro 40.00 (forty euros) by bank transfer bank details BANCA NAZIONALE DEL LAVORO GRUPPO BNP PARIBAS- IBAN IT30Z0100503253000000003771 headed:

“Il Villaggio della Musica” Association for payments from abroad: bic / swift code BNLIITR, or

via PayPal from the website www.concorsoottavioziino.com or www.ilvillaggiodellamusica.it


Euro 80.00 (eighty euros) by bank transfer bank details BANCA NAZIONALE DEL LAVORO GRUPPO BNP PARIBAS- IBAN IT30Z0100503253000000003771 headed:

“Il Villaggio della Musica” Association for payments from abroad: bic / swift code BNLIITR, or

Euro 85.00 (eighty-five euros) via PayPal from the website www.concorsoottavioziino.com or www.ilvillaggiodellamusica.it


No additional fee for those coming from the Eliminatory Phase WITH LIVE PERFORMANCE:

while for those coming from the ELIMINATORY Phase WITH VIDEOS, pay by 27th August 2021:

Euros 80.00 (eighty euros) by bank transfer (see previous bank details), or

Euros 85.00 (eighty-five euros) via PayPal from the website www.concorsoottavioziino.com or www.ilvillaggiodellamusica.it

ART. 4

For the order of calling to all the ELIMINATORY Phases, we will proceed from the letter that will be extracted on July 5, 2021 live on Facebook, by the artistic organization.

All competitors must present themselves according to the schedule set up for the tests with the pianists. Competitors who are absent will be excluded from the competition, unless the delay is proven by a justified reason and, in any case, within the end of the Eliminatory Round.

No reimbursement of travel, board and lodging expenses will be paid to competitors, except for the finalists who did not win the first three cash prizes and the emerging voice award, who will receive a reimbursement of expenses of € 300.00 each.

For the order of call to the SEMIFINAL TRIAL, we will proceed in the reverse order to the order of the preliminary rounds resulting from the draw letter of 5 July 2021.

ART. 5

The Artistic Commission in the Elimination phase alone will be composed of the artistic director of the host theater and / or the artistic director of the Ottavio Ziino International Opera Competition and / or any opera singers and / or internationally renowned musical operators. Competitors must have an identification document and a copy of the scores of the arias to be performed (for the pianists of the Competition).

ART. 6

Due to the provisions on COVID 19, competitors will not be able to use their own pianists.

The Artistic Direction of the Competition will place its own accompanying pianists WITHOUT ANY ADDITIONAL COST.

ART. 7

At the end of the Final Round open to the public, the Artistic Commission will announce the winners of the 20th “OTTAVIO ZIINO” International Lyric Competition. The Commission’s judgment will be final.

ART. 8

The “Il Villaggio della Musica” Association reserves the right to film and record with videotape, tape, cd-dvd, film, internet, social media, radio and TV the three phases of the competition (Preliminary, Semifinal and Final), without anything duty to competitors in any capacity. Participation in this competition involves the release for the exploitation of both the image and the song for any radio, television and internet broadcasting of the performances carried out throughout the event, of the writings and concerts, objects of the prize and of all other activities. related to the same that will also take place outside the event such as video-shooting or promotional videos before, after and during the event.

For everything indicated in this article, no rights or compensation of any nature will be envisaged for any cause or reason.

ART. 9

The Il Villaggio della Musica Association is the signatory of an insurance policy with a leading insurance company for civil liability during all stages of the competition (semifinal and final); they do not assume responsibility for further risks or damages of any nature that may arise to the competitors during the entire competition, other than those provided for by the above.

ART. 10

The Artistic Direction and the Organization of the Competition reserve the right to make changes to these regulations should this be necessary.

ART. 11

In the event of a dispute, the Court of Rome is competent and the text of these regulations in Italian is valid.

ART. 12

All FINALISTS will be awarded a “DIPLOMA OF HONOR”; while all the other competitors will be issued with a Certificate of Participation, upon request.

ART. 13

The submission of the application implies the total and unconditional acceptance of all the rules contained in this announcement, as well as any changes provided for by art. 10, and the annex “Awards 2021”.

ART. 14

Pursuant to European Regulation 679/2016 on the protection of personal data, the “Il Villaggio della Musica” Association informs that the data provided in the registration form will be stored and used exclusively by the same in order to send related information to the Association that, pursuant to the aforementioned Legislative Decree, the data owner has the right to know, update, delete and correct his data or oppose their use.